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As you all know a better morning can make your rest of the day best  , so keeping this point in our mind and making your whole day of 22 september 2021 energetic , beautiful and unforgettable we have gathered and provide you the best inspirational & motivational quotes on life , struggle , pain and success to make your whole day of 22 september 2021 bright .

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* Daily motivational quotes

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* Best motivational quotes to start your day 

* Motivational and inspirational quotes on life , struggle and success 

1. Those peoples will definitely achieve thier goals , who take struggling periods as their best period to learn , practice and implement them in life to amplify one step towards the success  

2. The best way to getting success is to never do competition with others and always try to convince and satisfy yourself 

3. If anyone is trying to achieve his dreams without any fear , then it will definitely his passion not profession 

4. Passion has no limitations while profession has lots

5. Whenever you are tired of your struggles , problems etc of your life , and due to which stress or anxiety starts moving around you then just think about your intelligence and ask to your heart that is my intelligence has turned against me ?
You will definitely find the answer of all of your questions 

6. Fear is a consequence of mixing up your present memory experience to imagination . ( this quote is given by Sadhguru )

7. The easiest work in the world is to give advice to someone and the hardest work is to implement your own advice on yourself 

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