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 Hello dear Readers How are U ? Welcome again to the ‘ Back To Top ’ official website . In this post of today , I have provided the top best inspirational and motivational quotes by great Philosopher Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev , that will help you to keep confident and Energetic all the day , So let's Begin the reading of Motivation...

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1. Take struggles as the most precious part of life because that's the one and only period or time which reminds you to be more focused and hard working for achieving your goal .

2. The one who can dream a goal , can also achieve it by being humble , polite and Hard - working .

3. Simplicity is the best character in the entire world , also it is very precious so not everyone can afford it .

4. Coding is all about imagination and logic building .

5. Livingliness is the essence of life .

6. When you mix up your present memory experience to imagination , then it creates a horrible suspense that may be happen or not in future , and this is what we call Fear .

7. Teaching should not be a profession - it must be a passion . Only then can education move from imposition of facts to exploration of truth .

8. The best way of getting peace and success quickly , is to quit competition with others and try to convince and satisfy yourself .

9. Change is essential to remain constant in life .

10. Try to be happy in all situations of your life whether it is good or bad because Happiness is the sign of positiveness .

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